Ground Up Grace is Forgivin' Livin'
under God's grace in Jesus.

About Ground Up Grace

Ground Up Grace is a ministry created to help people experience God’s gracious freedom in Christ. Regular podcasts, tours, books and other resources are designed to offer messages from the Bible that ground you in forgivin’ livin’. (Romans 6:14...”Sin will have no power over you, since you are not under the law but under grace!”).

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Our podcasts are 5-8 minutes in length. We create these messages using one or two brief verses from the Bible that come from a devotional book. Our purpose is to help you hear the grace of Jesus in these verses so that your life may find its grounding in Christ alone. It is this grounding in grace that makes forgivin’ livin’ your way of freedom.

Discover the T.R.I.P. way of praying Scriptures

To help you live by Ground Up Grace we incorporate a prayer discipline that goes back 500 years. The T.R.I.P. will be explained in the sample podcast.

Practice “Listening to the Shepherd’s Voice.”

This is a video resource.