April 2021 Newsletter

“Hey, Hey Anybody Listening?” by Sonja Hinderlie

Our daily practice of recording the podcast takes about an hour. This includes the prep time, the recording, and then editing the messages.

Our podcast began in January 2020 out of a simple request from our Irish friends. This sprouted a seed that has blossomed to bring the fragrance of the gospel into the lives of many. Johan and I are amazed at how the Holy Spirit has kept us producing this daily podcast. And we are still married! The power of Forgivin’ Livin’!

We are so thankful for you, the many subscribers throughout the world who join us to share the “Voice of Freedom” using the two verses from the Daily Texts.

There have been some surprising connections with listeners. Many people forward podcasts to friends and relatives when the themes connect. Some listen morning and evening to the same podcast. During the pandemic isolation these words from Scripture have connected all of us to the living God. Here are some examples.

  • A friend in Wisconsin shared how Forgivin’ Livin’ is giving her freedom as she uses Christ’s prayer at work, “God forgive (______) for they don’t know what they are doing.” This prayer has turned her relationships around with co-workers. Thanks be to God!
  • Two people who knew each other 40 years ago as children in Fargo got re-connected after hearing an interview with one of our prayer writers.
  • A 90 year old woman on the west coast proclaimed to her daughter after listening for months “I now believe in Jesus!”

We believe in God’s promise that the Word that comes from His mouth will not return empty. They are the words of eternal life. (Isaiah 55:11; John 6: 68).

Thank you for listening and also for praying for the impact God can have through the “Voice of Freedom.” Here is one listener who needs your prayers.

  • Pray for Fahad, a Muslim, who listens every day. He is even practicing the TRIP with the verses for the day.

“Our accent gives us away!” by Johan Hinderlie

Our shipping crew Jill, Sonja, Johan, Rikka and Gordon. Last October, we sent out over 3000 books in two days using as our fulfilment center, Jill’s “GUG” garage.

Our podcast testimonies, like Simeon’s on Monday, April 12th, reveal that behind our Hebrew characters, there is a Scandinavian accent. Haha! Accents are hard to hide and to change. One accent that can only change with outside help is the one that creates shame, doubt and fear. I was addicted to this accent (the serpent’s voice) until I was 42. As a result, like many people, I suffered the miserable consequences that followed, mostly the fear of rejection. But the serpent’s voice lost its power to control me when I started accenting the Shepherd’s voice by writing out and sharing my T.R.I.P. prayers.

Freedom from the serpent’s voice is one of our podcast goals. This comes to us as we accent the voice of freedom we have in our Good Shepherd, Jesus. His voice fills us with blessing, steadfast love, and forgiveness. To help us practice accenting our Lord’s voice, we created the video study, “Listening to the Shepherd’s Voice.”

This video study is found at www.groundupgrace.com/dailytexts/trip. The content for this video is found on page 188-189 of your Daily Texts. Listen to it with someone you know. Download the worksheets. Practice listening to our Lord’s voice. Once you have tasted the freedom that comes from accenting the Shepherd’s Voice, share your discovery with people you know. Then let our Lord lead you to people who need to accent Christ’s voice of freedom. Your accent will give you away.

We are offering a selection of Forgivin’ Livin’ cards which you can buy on our Daily Texts/ Store site.

JANUARY JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF JESUS ($1000 off!) by Johan Hinderlie

Our 10th pilgrimage to Israel will take place, God willing, in January of 2022 where you will be able to dance on the Sea of Galillee.

Join us for a holy way to begin 2022 with a ten day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We begin where Jesus was born with two nights in Bethlehem. Then we are off to Galilee, stopping by Roman landmarks on the Mediterranean as well as Mount Carmel, Megiddo and Nazareth. After an overnight on the Sea of Galilee, relive Christ’s ministry in Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes and with a boat ride on the big lake. As we travel to Jerusalem, we stop at the ancient city of Beit Shean before we enter the city where we will stay for four nights exploring the wonders of this historic place walking in the footsteps of our Lord.

You can learn all the details at www.groundupgrace.com/travelwithus. And the best news, this tour will save you $1000 off the usual price. It is only $3497 from the Twin Cities. Prices available from many other US airports. Consider sharing this adventure with a friend or relative. Let us know if we can help.

Walking the Palm Sunday way of Jesus from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem and reading the story from the Gospels is a powerful part of our pilgrimage together.


It is important for everyone to know how to stop receiving these podcasts. You can always start them again at another time. We need variety in our devotional life. That is why God has given us so many different resources for listening to His voice to live under grace.

To stop the text messages: print STOP in the message area and send it back to the source.

To stop the emails: just click unsubscribe in the footer of the email. We have recently added this to emails.