December 2022 Newsletter

“Hey, Hey Anybody Listening?” by Sonja Hinderlie

The song goes on….”we’ve got GOOD NEWS, Christ the Lord will soon be found here, let’s help spread the news around here”

Midst the darkness of this world which has seemed cold and defiant, the Light of Jesus our Lord comes bringing warmth and peace. This good news needs spreading. That is why we are committed to the Daily Texts and to the podcast. Even with recent missing podcasts due to technical challenges, we persist in proclaiming the promises of God’s word that overcome the darkness.

Trinity Grant Improves Podcast Format

You have noticed that the texts and prayer for the day are now on the screen when the podcast comes to you. Trinity’s grant paid for this improvement. Additional donations now being received will make the site interactive. More information on this opportunity will be sent soon as the site is being improved right now.


We sent money to our friend Pastor Ivan pictured here with his mother and wife. We keep praying for them. Your gifts are helping them minister in their town which is 20 miles from the Russian border.


During Sunday morning worship, the Watchword for the week is used for individuals to share a witness as to how this passage relates to their lives. To listen to these friends share their unique ministry (recorded for Oct 31) click this LINK.

Happy New Year and much Joy in 2023 as we continue to listen to our Shepherd’s voice and follow as Jesus leads. COME TO ME is the invitation from this year’s books. We will learn from Him as He leads us.

Sonja and Johan