December 2023 Newsletter

Dear Podcast friends,


Ground Up Grace, Inc is now a non-profit ministry. We were incorporated on September 7. Our EIN (Employer Identification Number) is 93-3494948 We have applied for tax-exemption with the IRS. This takes a little longer to achieve. But once we have it, all gifts given after September 7 will be tax-deductible.

We have a Board. It is made up of Sonja (vice-President) and me (President) as well as Jim Bartholomew (Treasurer), Luke Schlosser (Intercessor) and Renee Sellman (Secretary). All of these are active listeners to our podcast and occasionally you have heard them share a podcast with us.

All of our income from Daily Texts’ sales since Sept 7 is received by the new corporation. And all expenses since then are also the responsibility of the new corporation. Your donations also will help us cover our deficit.

As a non-profit, your donations will also help us achieve a larger impact for our mission.


We know that our Lord wants to expand the ministry of Forgivin’ Livin’.

As you know we developed the Forgivin’ Livin’ ministry because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life who alone can free us from the bitterness and vengeful spirit that controls us when we have been hurt and want revenge for our pain.

I have said many times, "Resentment is killing America, will you be the next victim?" Much of the violence that we are seeing in our American neighborhoods is tied to the hostility within us due to resentment.

In addition to the pain that creates resentment, "envy" also stimulates this anger within us. Envy happens when we compare our quality of life with that of someone else who has something we want.

The gospel we proclaim in our Forgivin’ Livin’ podcasts has the power to change us to want what we have. But without receiving the power of the gospel, hostility grows out of control.

In the garden of Eden, the serpent started this hostility by accenting what was missing in Adam and Eve’s life. The serpent does the same today. When people listen to the serpent’s voice, they spend their lives feeling miserable and then take action that misses the mark in their lives. We take matters into our own hands. This action can hurt those who have hurt us.

This is why the voice of our podcast needs to be heard. Our podcast proclaims the Shepherd's Voice. We hear Christ's voice of freedom. Christ's forgiveness frees us from the curse of the law and our desire for revenge.

Only Jesus knows how to give us power to do the forgiving that sets us free.

Our mission is to proclaim this gospel message that frees all of us with the grace of God in Jesus Christ.


You have heard this message through us and through the voices of the Irishcast, Theta, Carmelcast, Missioncast and the Sunday morning messengers.

Your gift support will go directly to pay the costs of the podcast and related ministries not covered by the sales of the Daily Texts.

Thank you for all the ways that you are partners with us in bringing the words of Jesus into the lives of more than 350 people each day.


  1. Check - You can send a check payable to Ground Up Grace, PO Box 93, Bayport, MN, 55003. (Our non-profit name is the same as the for profit name. Instead of being a Limited Liability Corporation, we are an Incoporated ministry. Ground Up Grace, Inc is our public title.)
  2. Online - You can use the donate link on our web page.
  3. Stocks - Contact us at and we will help you through this process.


We know our Lord has put this non-profit ministry together for a greater good than we could have achieved otherwise. Your prayers will open those doors that our God is asking us to walk through. Thank you for your prayers. We share St Paul’s hope.

"At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ…" (Colossians 4:3)

Your partners in Forgivin’ Livin’,

Johan and Sonja
Jim Bartholomew
Luke Schlosser
Renee Sellman