“Hey, Hey Anybody Listening?” by Sonja Hinderlie

We will be broadcasting the podcast from the country of Portugal and Spain in the next three weeks. Johan and I have the opportunity to walk the Portuguese Camino. It is a path walked by pilgrims for over 1000 years. Pilgrims traveled this route to Santiago, Spain as a way of working out their life and faith by means of walking. Why? Maybe to deal with grief, unforgiveness in a relationship, sorting out a loss, or simply when at a crossroads in life. Some may need to walk off bad behavior…as a way of penance, others as a way to understand suffering. We know that whatever the reason, Jesus is walking with us and will keep us growing in grace and trust.

Here is a picture of the map that shows our path (yellow and red path by the ocean) and the miles we will walk to each destination every day. We are carrying everything we need in our back packs. But we will stay in dormitory style hostels at night.

Each day we will share the podcast with our fellow pilgrims (David, Katrine, Melinda, Cindy and Mark) and broadcast it to you. You will hear the impressions and stories of our day and where Jesus shows up.

We will focus on the theme that is stated on the calendar that uses a verse each day from the "Daily Texts."

The scallop shell is a symbol of the Camino as all of the lines on the shell depict the various paths to the destination of Santiago. Many scallop shells are also found in this area of Galicia. We will wear a scallop shell with the red cross painted on it on our backpacks as a symbol of St James who is said to have lived and witnessed to the pagans in Galicia after the death of Jesus. When he was martyred in Jerusalem in 44AD his body was returned to Galicia.

How will we be changed by this time? We are walking into our 50th wedding anniversary so we are making this a time dedicated to how God desires to use us in the next 20 years should we live that long! What intentions do you have for this month? You can be on a Camino with us in your daily life watching for the signs of Gods presence, casting your cares on Jesus and waiting for His lead.

We will also be memorizing Psalm 25 as a directional sign for the Way! One verse each day for 22 days. Here is a song version we will sing based on the first 2 verses.

“Unto thee, oh, Lord, do I lift up my soul. Unto thee, oh, lord, do I lift up my soul. Oh my God, I trust in thee let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.”

Claim these words over your day. We are partners in the podcast of Forgivin’ Livin.’ May you walk in the freedom of God’s path and be renewed!

Thank you for your continued support and love in Jesus.

Sonja and Johan