October 2021 Newsletter

“Hey, Hey Anybody Listening?” by Sonja Hinderlie

John August Swanson is painting in glory

As you may have heard, the artist for the cover of the 2022 Daily Texts, received his heavenly homecoming on September 23. We loved this grand saint whose life connected with ours when we invited him to Mount Carmel in 1992 for one of our choir camp weeks. His love for the families and especially the children was overwhelming to us. He was a generous soul whose life was poured out for so many. His art reflected his faith so powerfully.

In 2018, we visited with him at his studio with Rikka and Gordon (Sunday podcasters). He loved sharing his vision and his art with any who would come to be a part of his world.

You can learn more about John and his artwork at this webpage.

Covering the world in prayer

Our book cover for 2022 invites us to cover the world in prayer. John’s painting is called, “Pentecost.” It encourages us to pray for an outpouring of praise for the whole earth. As you know the Daily Texts are translated into 64 languages so the daily reading of these verses already covers the earth.

But how can our prayers be added to these verses to cover the earth with hope? We know that CoVid covers the earth with fear. But God’s will from the theme verse from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us to “rejoice, pray and give thanks.”

Who can you find to join us in this 2022 praying adventure? Ask our Lord to lead you to people who will pray with you.

Let us ask our God how we can use this book to pray and replace the spirit of fear with the spirit of praise.

Daily Texts transform a congregation

Pastor Jeff Nellermoe of Bethel Lutheran Church, Santa Maria, CA has integrated the Daily Texts into his congregational life in some creative ways.

  1. Holden Evening Prayer worship on Wednesday uses the watchword for the week.
  2. New members and confirmands are taught a “quiet time.”
  3. The hymn for the week is sung at worship.
  4. The podcast is listened to and promoted.
  5. One member shares a Sunday reflection.
  6. Members memorize and recite the Watchword during worship.
  7. Every household will receive a copy of the Daily Texts 2022.

“This has been and continues to be a wonderful tool of ministry to immerse us in the Word.”

“Here I stand” 500 years later!

500 years ago, Martin Luther had to take the stand in Worms, Germany. Charles the 5th told him he had to recant his faith or else. Instead of taking the “5th” he took his stand on the Bible claiming, “I cannot, I will not recant. Here I stand, I can do no other so help me God.”

Martin (aka Johan) Luther has a 2021 video message you can use for your encouragement to stand firm.

Share it with your pastor as well. Here is the Link