October 2022 Newsletter

October Newsletter 2022

“Hey, Hey Anybody Listening?”

October 8!!!! (No podcast)

Many listeners became outcasts on this date. Access to the podcast was denied using their phone. This is due to a server issue created by the cell phone compa- nies. These companies chose this date to deny many of you the right to listen. A day that will go down in Ground Up Grace infamy!

We have had our web master check into it. We have to reestablish a link. There is an additional cost. And until they decide to cut you off again, (we hope is never), the podcast message of freedom will once again be heard by all of you who are missing it now.

As of next Wednesday, Oct. 26, all of us should be able once again to hear the for- givin’ livin’ podcast message.

IRISHCAST at Mount Carmel next July 1-7

David and Cynthia Robinson will be teaching next summer at Mount Carmel along with Johan and myself. We would love to have you join us for an exciting week of study and sharing with this beloved couple. Here is the link to find out housing op- tions for this week and to register. Spaces are filling up fast.

Check it out at www.mountcarmelministries.com

World Mission Prayer League and China cast team up for Chinese hospitality

Many Chinese come to Minnesota universities to study. We can minister to them while they are here. One way is to invite them into our homes for dinner.

Would you be willing to join us in welcoming these students into our homes? You can warm up their lives with the love you share in our Lord Jesus.

Kathi at the World Mission Prayer League headquarters in Minneapolis invites Chi- nese to join her for dinner on the second Friday of each month. You can hear the in- vitation from her on the Saturday, October 22, pod- cast. I (Sonja) plan to be there and I want to begin finding ways to bless the Chinese who come to study in our state by welcoming them into our home.

Books to be shipped in early November

The Daily Texts 2023 are getting printed and boxed right now. Our crew of packers will descend on the books on November 2nd and 3rd and the post office will be ready to ship them to you.

Our theme verse comes from Jesus who invites us to rest in Him. As we all know from Hurricane Ian, which devastated parts of Florida, this scene can become very restless.

Let us be constant in prayer for all of us since our lives will lose the tranquil feeling of this photo. Let our assurance of rest be in our Lord alone.

Order your books now to give to friends, family and church members. Remember confirmation kids, grand kids, nieces and nephews, too. You can share the word with them.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement

Sonja (and Johan)